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Public Involvement for the Amended Horizon 2040 MTP, Horizon 2017-2020 TIP, Transportation Conformity Report

The El Paso MPO will be commencing a 30-day public review and comment period from March 29, 2017 through April 27, 2017 for the Amended Horizon 2040 Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP) and the Horizon 2017-2020 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP).  Also, the Horizon Transportation Conformity Report and appendices will be available. Projects listed in the MTP are planned through the year 2040 and TIP projects are expected to be implemented within 2017-2020.  The documents are expected to be presented at the Transportation Policy Board (TPB) meeting on April 28, 2017 for adoption.  Amendments have been made to the MTP and the TIP documents to accommodate changes regarding funding sources and movement of projects within programming years.  Additionally, projects listed in the MTP and TIP include transit projects and, thus, these public meetings also fulfill Sun Metro’s FTA 5307 Program of Projects requirements. Copies of all documents will be available for viewing at the following public sessions, at the El Paso MPO office, 211 N. Florence Room 202, and available online at the EPMPO’s website (

Public review and comments sessions will be held at the following time and locations and the public is encouraged to attend and provide input: 

APR 10th (1:30 – 3:30 pm) –  Richard Burges Branch Library, 9600 Dyer, El Paso, TX 79924

APR 10th (6 -8 pm) – Northwest Library, El Paso Community College, 6701 S. Desert Blvd., El Paso, TX 79932

APR 11th (10 am- 12 pm) – Judge Edward S. Marquez Branch Library, 610 N. Yarbrough Dr., El Paso, TX 79907

APR 11th (6- 8 pm) – Mission Valley Regional Command Center, 9011 Escobar Dr., El Paso, TX 79907

APR 12th (9-11 am) – Sunland Park Library, 1000 McNutt Road, Sunland Park, NM 88063

APR 12th (4-6 pm) –  Anthony City Hall, 820 Highway 478, Anthony, NM  88021

APR 13th (9- 11 am) –  Oz Glaze Senior Center, 13969 Veny Webb St., Town of Horizon City, TX 79928

APR 13th (1- 3 pm) – Memorial Park Branch Library, 3200 Copper Av., El Paso, TX 79930

APR 17th (3:30pm-5:30pm – El Paso County Water Improvement District, 13247 Alameda Ave., Clint, TX 79836 (new meeting added)

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